MAK-Anavad United Kingdom condemns the Algerian Embassy in South Africa


Yuva n Tala Hemmu is one of the rare Kabylian successful businessmen in South Africa. He has lived near Pretoria for more than 14 years and travels a lot around the world to meet the demand of his company and training business strategy.

On the 21 may 2018, Yuva felt it was time to renew his passport because it looked a little worn and some pages were damaged. He sent his passport form for renewal to the Algerian Embassy and paid (R4135) $ 380 for administrative services.

After 2 months, Yuva still has not received his new passport and he decided to take a trip to the embassy to see what was happening.

He was introduced to the passport office and the Attaché at the Algerian Consulate received him politely but firmly informed him that he was sorry and unable to renew his passport and without any reason.

Any refusal to issue a passport must be notified in writing to the person concerned.

Yuva N Tala Hemmu is a Kabylian peaceful activist since a young age.

Yuva is not a terrorist.

Yuva is not a drug dealer.

Yuva is an honest man who works hard.

It is outrageous that Yuva was deprived by the Algerian constitution to travel freely to his country, whereas in the last 14 years he has traveled to his country and to the world without any problem.

It is clear that these practices are linked to his political activities and the defense of human rights, which he continues to assume as a free citizen by duty.

This apartheid algerian regime of terminally ill government must understand once and for all that the reign of fear and repression has disappeared forever. There are still free men and women who rise up against tyranny and who know how to say no to injustice, as they did in the past.

Yuva will extort his rights independently of the repressive means used against him and he continues his fight for the Kabylia independence of all and without exclusion.

We strongly and vigorously condemn Yuva’s treatment and call for national and international public opinion and all independent NGOs to denounce these laudable acts – worthy of the banana republics – against the individual freedoms of the Kabylians oppressed by this illegitimate regime.

London, August 12th, 2018

Peter Tan
MAK-Anavad United Kingdom

SIWEL 122000 AOU 18

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