Incendies criminels : L’ambassadeur kabyle au Royaume-Uni écrit à la Première ministre britannique

Incendies : Mass Anazar U Chavah saisit Mme Theresa May, la Première ministre britannique

L’ambassadeur de la Kabylie au Royaume-Uni, Mass Anazar U Chavah, a adressé une lettre à la Première ministre britannique, Mme Theresa May, dans laquelle le représentant diplomatique kabyle a repris les points essentiels de l’appel à l’aide d’urgence internationale en faveur de la Kabylie, rendu public par la Présidence de l’Anavad. Le diplomate kabyle a également informé l’UNPO de la catastrophe en cours en Kabylie. Ci-dessous la lettre de Mass Anazar U Chavah :

Dear Prime Minister Teresa May,

On behalf of Anavad (the Provisional Government of Kabyle in exile), I would like to draw your attention to the arson attacks ravaging Kabylia, with the tacit complicity of the Algerian administration.

Kabylia is on fire since 07/07/2017. It has already recorded deaths, hundreds of houses burned, more than a million olive trees reduced to ashes and tens of thousands of hectares ravaged by flames. The air is unbreathable, the temperatures are those of a hell, and the water from Kabylian reservoirs is sent elsewhere, while Kabylia, without means to face the furnace, death of thirst.
Despite this calamity the Algerian State does not mobilize any means to face the situation; Neither to fight fires nor to help the victims.

Everyone knows in Kabylia, it is the Algerian military who, like every summer since 2004, turns into pyromanias on the orders of Algiers.

The passivity of the colonial Algerian to this ecological and human disaster, coupled with the fact that, fires are limited to the kabylian territory and coordinated, suggests that if the Algerian Government is not the sponsor, is at least complicit. This is another form of genocide that it is trying to achieve
In order, not to launch free accusations against Algeria, Anavad is calling to set up an International Inquiry Commission to identify the perpetrators of these uncontrollable fires and their contractors.
Meanwhile, the situation is very serious and requires the mobilization of large means to extinguish the fires and to relieve the victims.

It is for this purpose that the Anavad (Kabyle Provisional Government in Exile) appeals to all countries to release emergency assistance and to be given to an ad hoc body under the auspices of the United Nations.

We will have to rebuild the destroyed houses and replant 5 to 10 million olive trees to repair the nature.

In order to manage efficiently this ongoing disaster, the Provisional Government Kabyle is ready to fully cooperate with every country outraged by the abandonment of Kabylia by the Algerian State, not only no longer fulfills its international obligations towards its citizens but worse, lures them into fire and death traps.

Waiting for your response we hope an immediate in Kabylia, please hear the cries of distress of unarmed, democratic, peaceful and very human people, as a solemn greetings.

Anazar U Chavah
Kabylia diplomatic representative in the UK

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