Kabylia is at the crossroads: Let’s save it from its planned death!

CHRONICLE (SIWEL) — Even with words, terms, phrases, dictums, adages, proverbs that are more than convincing, we know perfectly that it is not easy to make of men and women, reduced to an automaton, reasonable, apt and able to reject an established order, which does them more harm than good.

If Kabylia could speak of the evil that eats into it and eats into its children, we can challenge that it will swamp us with philosophical examples which will have nothing to envy Plato, Socrates, Confucius, Nietzsche, Spinoza and many others.

In 1962, exactly on March 19th, when the Evian agreements were concretized, we were naively convinced that we were, finally, going to enjoy the freedom for which so many of our elders sacrificed themselves. We got it wrong, what was to be our independence was, in fact, a nightmare and a poisoned gift, which we received from the former colonial power.

So much Kabyle blood and so many Kabyle tears from 1954 to 1962, in order to see us later forbidden to speak our mother tongue, by the hidden of Oujda, Tunis and elsewhere, who invaded with 40,000 soldiers of the army of borders.

These lounge and tacky revolutionists have started, shamelessly, to give us lessons of patriotism. What do you want? We cannot humiliate someone who is not ashamed.

The parenthesis 63-65, which ended with the capitulation of a certain revolutionary and historical leader, has worn us down so much that today we continue to pay the price of this misfortune which is as senseless as it is irresponsible.

We came, in 1962, to an end with French colonialism to start our new life under the Arab-Islamic occupation, which should to be proved more devastating than the previous one.

The black spring, that Kabylia lived and suffered from, in April-May 2001, which ended up with the killing of 128 young Kabyles, taken in the prime of their lives, these young men and teenagers who, for many of them, have not enjoyed life, this mournful spring is, and will remain, engraved in our collective memory for ever, and will remind us at every moment the cruelty of the Algiers colonial power which shows an inexpressibly discrimination towards Kabylia and its children.

No sirs of the inhuman and outrageous occupation of Kabylia, you will never replace a thousand-year-old Kabyle olive tree with another kind of tree on the Kabyle land.

Your graft will never succeed!

We call upon all international institutions, all non-governmental organizations and all human rights organizations to respond and help us to put an end to this occupation, which has as its stated goal only the destruction of Kabylia and its millennial identity,

We have struggled and battled, peacefully, for decades to make the arab-islamic ideology upholders, who came from the Orient, recognize that our history and identity do not start from the 7th century.

With its attitude, the autistic power has, with impunity, replied to us by his ferocious repression, believing that the Kabyles would yield and accept their mournful fate without reacting,

Kabylia of today is at a crossroads, all Kabyle lovers of justice and freedom and all international opinion must understand that the Kabyle country, which has 12 million people, must reach as quickly as possible its sovereignty and its independence.

It is in the Kabyle future Republic that human rights will become meaningful, that individual and collective freedom of conscience will be ensured and guaranteed for everyone, that the free opinion will have the right to exist , that equality between men and women will not be an empty word, that justice worthy of the name will emerge, that obscurantism will be definitively wiped out, and it is also in the future sovereign Kabylia that our ancestral solidarity values will resurface, that Kabylia school will integrate knowledge, know-how and all universal values, that our open-mindedness will materialized, that our future generations will find the way to a peaceful life which will protect them against any slip-up and any extremist drift which politics extremely feeds and which we have been undergoing for more than half a century.

My final point is that, and this is very important for us, in the future Kabyle Republic, the journalists will seek information where it is, but not where it will be given to them.

This is naturally a matter of freedom to inform. Our free press will never, ever be a pious hope.

It is this Kabylia of democracy, freedom and solidarity that we plan to build for tomorrow by freeing it from its torturers destructive and outrageous occupation!

Our determination to save our Kabylia from its planned death is full and faultless, whatever the cost!

The legendary courage of successive Kabyle youths is always there to remind us, if need be, that our disobedience has more than three thousand years.

Long live Kabyle youth

Long live sovereign Kabylia

Long live independent Kabylia

Signed:  Tayeb Abdelli

Translated from French by Muhend u Rezqi
SIWEL 040717 Oct 17 UTC

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